What’s New?

July 2018

All new docs!

  • Interactive quickstarts for Rasa NLU and Rasa Core
  • Unified search across all docs, and all docs now at https://rasa.com/docs
  • Reorganized Rasa NLU and Core docs, splitting ‘learning’ from ‘reference’ material

Community Forum

We felt that a lot of good discussions were getting lost on gitter. So we’re moving the community support over to the newly created Rasa Community Forum It’s going to be a great place for the Rasa community to meet, find answers to questions, participate in discussions, share ideas and keep up to date with the most recent Rasa updates.

Released Rasa Core 0.10

  • Ability to manage bot responses externally (instead of putting them into the domain.yml file)
  • An option to ignore entities for certain intents
  • New default action ActionDefaultFallback

Released Rasa NLU 0.13

  • language-agnostic NER
  • support multuple training processes per project